About Glenwick Archer

With the increased workforce and lower costs facilitated by telecommuting, more companies than ever before are taking their operations online. This offers work-at-home contractors a wider selection of clients and improved flexibility; but with so many unsavory businesses online, finding the good jobs can be an obstacle.

Types of Jobs We List

Glenwick Archer is a recruiting organization created to serve motivated individuals looking to build their career online, and the jobs we list differ from typical online freelance jobs:

  • Contractors and clients can expect long-term relationships, breaking up the choppy, stop-start nature of most freelance work
  • Jobs provide significant learning and training opportunities in the fields of writing, website construction, social media, and more -- you will get better at what you do
  • Most jobs offer an opportunity to build your personal brand while contributing to a successful website
  • Many jobs offer the chance to be part of a larger web company, which gives contractors the opportunity to learn different segments of internet business, including brand development, media promotion, and more
  • You will never have to pay Glenwick Archer or any company that posts job listings on our website for details and information about job postings, or to actually begin working at a posted job. There are plenty of work-from-home scams out there; protect yourself.

What Our Companies are Looking For in a Contractor

To date, companies listing through Glenwick Archer have created and maintained websites that offer high-quality content to several wide-spread and discerning audiences. The companies we select run their businesses with integrity, and are looking for the same from their contractors. As such, interested contractors should fit most of the following:

  • Time Commitment: Jobs listed by Glenwick Archer often begin at 5-10 hours per week, but quickly scale to 15, 20, 30, or even 40 hours per week based on contractor/client fit. Having the ability to eventually offer at least 15-20 hours of time per week is often a requirement.
  • Availability: While working from home offers more flexibility than reporting to an office on a daily basis, many online jobs will require you to be available and working during certain times of the day.
  • Ability to Work as Part of a Team: Many jobs listed by Glenwick Archer will include working with other contractors on the same, or similar, web-based properties. A personal email account and a willingness to interact with others online is often a requirement.
  • Desire to Improve: Companies who list with Glenwick Archer are looking for a new kind of freelance, online contractor. While many online jobs can be completed without learning something new or improving your skills and abilities, the long-term nature of many positions listed by Glenwick Archer means that improving your work and learning more about the subjects you're covering will be useful to your client, and beneficial to you as you continue to work with that client.
  • Writing Ability: The ability to research, structure, and write a piece of online literature is the most critical skill many potential clients are seeking. And because all media types have their own tone of voice and structure requirements, the ability to accept criticism and edit your work accordingly is extremely valuable.
  • Social Media and Promotion: Exposure to and/or interest in learning about social media (twitter, facebook, Digg, etc.) and how to apply it to promoting a web endeavor is required.
  • Management: Ability to manage others (paid contractors and volunteers) is a plus.

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